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Sudoku: numeric game with VB .Net

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Sudoku is a program Freeware realized with Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition to have a good time resolving the famous numerical puzzle. In the new release 3.0 there is the English version and some aspects of the game have improved.

  • There is a Chronometer to time the game.
  • NEW! It is possible to change the number's Colors in the cells; every number can have a different color from the others (11/10/2009).
  • It is possible to insert many numbers in every cell like a Note.
  • With the Undo button the user can restore a number deleted and also he can return to the beginning of the scheme.
  • The player can Delete a whole cell or only a single number .
  • There is the SOS button that inserts in any empty cell all the numbers that can stay there.
  • And if a player can't solve the scheme, he can use the Solution button which allows to view the grid complete.
  • In the program there is an Editor, so the user can insert, edit and save any new scheme.
  • NEW! The user can play with his own schemes using a proper Empty Grid for the purpose (28/07/2009).
  • NEW! It is possible to show the Coordinates of the cells (28/07/2009).
  • NEW! The user can play with the only memorized schemes or with one of their Combinations (28/07/2009).
  • NEW! The player can choice wich Language to use: Italian or English (11/10/2009).
  • NEW! The way to Insert new schemes in the editor has been improved (11/10/2009).
  • All the proposed schemes have a Unique Solution.
  • You can use this game following the regulations of CREATIVE COMMONS; you can find the link at the top of this page.
Download Sudoku for Windows - Free
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  • Requirements:
  • Windows XP (SP2) or Vista
  • Requires the .Net Framework 2.0
  • Dimension: 669 KB
  • Base Schemes: 60 (13/08/2010)
  • Number of grids: +20 millions
Download Sudoku
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